While its roots extend deep into history, herringbone continues to hold a significant place in contemporary men’s fashion. It stands as a timeless fabric, retaining its popularity as a preferred choice for tailored garments.

In the vast tapestry of men’s fashion, certain patterns and fabrics weave their way through time, leaving an indelible mark on style. Herringbone, with its ancient origins, stands as a testament to enduring elegance and continues to hold a significant place in contemporary men’s fashion asserting itself as one of the most sought-after fabrics for the art of tailoring.

It is distinguished from a plain chevron by the break at reversal, which makes it resemble a broken zigzag. The pattern is called herringbone because it resembles the skeleton of a herring fish. Herringbone-patterned fabric is usually wool, and is one of the most popular cloths used for suits and outerwear.

Our Spindle Light Grey Tie is the perfect choice for weddings, boasting a timeless elegance with its classic herringbone pattern.

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A light grey herringbone tie ideal for grooms and weddings