The textures and materials of ties often reflect broader fashion trends, and 2024 is no exception. This year will see a resurgence of classic materials like silk and wool, providing a rich and warm touch to men’s neckwear making you not only look refined but also feel exceptionally comfortable.

While classic colours like navy and burgundy remain timeless choices, 2024 introduces a broader spectrum of hues. Earthy tones are making their mark on ties this year. The diverse colour palette allows for versatility, making it easier for men to coordinate ties with various outfits.

Take a look at our range of burnt orange earthy hues, particularly the Maple and Skyrocket tie, below:

A photo of a burnt orange wool men's tie and pocket square

To view/buy the Maple tie, click here.

A photo of a groom and groomsmen wearing a floral tie and burnt orange tie

To see/buy the Skyrocket burnt orange tie, click here.

We also offer both bow ties and pocket squares in all fabrics and are delighted to customise orders for boys, ensuring a perfect fit for any occasion.

A mans burnt orange bow tie

 To see/buy the Maple burnt orange bow tie, click here

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