The Skyrocket Burnt Orange Bow Tie is a truely versatile accessory that adds a dash of personality to your look and seamlessly complements a range of suit colours, making it the ideal choice for weddings and groomsmen. Whether you’re opting for a classic black, a sophisticated navy, or even a light gray, this bow tie is the perfect companion for a stylish ensemble.

Warmth for Weddings: Weddings call for a touch of warmth and vibrancy, and the burnt orange hue of the Skyrocket Bow Tie delivers precisely that. Whether you’re the groom or part of the groomsmen lineup, this bow tie adds a pop of colour that complements the atmosphere of the celebration.

Groomsmen Coordination Made Easy: Coordinating groomsmen attire can be a breeze with this Burnt Orange Bow Tie. Its versatile shade allows for a cohesive look, creating a visually pleasing ensemble that enhances the overall aesthetic of the wedding party.

Whether you’re walking down the aisle or standing by your best friend’s side, the Skyrocket Burnt Orange Bow Tie is your ticket to versatile and sophisticated style. Embrace the warmth and make a statement!

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A photo of a burnt orange pre-tied bow tie on an adjustable strap