The necktie, a symbol of men’s fashion for over a century and a half, has witnessed numerous style transformations throughout its history. From the artistic hand-painted designs post-WWI to the bold and wide patterns of the 1940s, and the sleek very skinny ties of the late 1970s, this accessory has stood the test of time as a timeless wardrobe essential.

Yet, while many have themselves worn neckties, few truly appreciate the craftsmanship behind them. Crafting a high-quality necktie is a meticulous process that begins with cutting the fabric on the “true bias” to ensure a smooth and wrinkle-free drape.

In the past, ties often lost their shape and became twisted after prolonged wear. Today, various construction methods are used.

The four-in-hand technique, involving multiple pieces of fabric sewn together, is the most common due to its simplicity. On the other hand, six and seven-fold ties are crafted from a single piece of fabric, providing a more refined and luxurious touch.

Interlining, concealed between the layers of fabric, adds structure and weight to the tie, ensuring it maintains its shape and drape. This essential component is present in almost all neckties, except for the more minimalist six and seven-fold styles.

When it comes to finishing touches, there are different tipping styles to consider. Un-tipped ties expose the hem on the backside, while self-tipped ties use the same fabric as the body of the tie for a seamless look. For a touch of personality, decorative tipping adds flair with unique patterns and designs.

Understanding the intricacies of necktie construction allows you to make informed choices when selecting your next accessory. So, adorn yourself with confidence, knowing that behind every knot lies a true appreciation for the artistry of neckwear.

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The anatomy of a tie picture shows the various parts of a tie including blade, interlining and tip
A blue and silver men's wide tie for formal occasions.

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A navy blue mens wool tie and check pocket square. Ideal for mens gifts and groomsmen gifts.

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A photo of an 8 cm wide mens' necktie in a sliver and navy stripe.

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