In the heart of Honiton in Devon, where the art of crafting delicate British bobbin lace has flourished for centuries, Gilly Gray pays homage to this time-honoured tradition. Our latest creation, a beautiful flower girl dress, draws inspiration from the intricate artistry of Honiton lace, featuring a high-quality lace bodice that captures the essence of this stunning craftsmanship.

Honiton has long been synonymous with the mastery of bobbin lace making, a tradition that has woven its way through the town’s rich history. This age-old craft, celebrated for its intricacy and grace, serves as the muse for our exquisite flower girl dress.

The Gilly Gray Touch: Imbued with the spirit of Honiton’s lace legacy, our flower girl dress showcases a meticulously crafted high-quality lace bodice. Gilly Gray takes pride in bringing this tradition to life, creating a garment that not only honors the past but also becomes a timeless piece for the present.

At Gilly Gray, we believe in weaving stories into our creations. This flower girl dress stands as a tribute to the skilled artisans of Honiton, a nod to their dedication and artistry that has inspired generations.

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A young flower girl wearing an ivory and white lace flower girl dress

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