The Heliotrope Tie is one of our favourites! Crafted from high-quality wool with a vibrant burnt orange pattern. This tie is not only a testament to fabulous quality but also a versatile accessory suitable for a myriad of occasions making it an ideal choice that complements a wide range of suit colours.

The rich, burnt orange hue of the Heliotrope Tie adds a touch of warmth and sophistication, making it equally suitable for formal events and casual gatherings. The fine wool material not only ensures a luxurious feel but also guarantees a timeless appeal that transcends seasonal trends.

Whether you’re attending a business meeting, a wedding, or simply aiming for a sharp and polished look, the Heliotrope Tie is your go-to accessory. Its versatility and quality make it a wardrobe essential that effortlessly ties together your style for any occasion.

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A photo of a burnt orange, wool tie, bow tie and pocket square set. Ideal as gifts for men or for groomsmen gifts.