The “One Point Fold” is a simplified adaptation of the classic three-point fold, favored for its elegance and ease.

Begin by laying the pocket square flat, forming a diamond shape.

Then, fold the bottom corner up to meet the top corner, creating a sharp point.

Next, fold in the side points just past the centre, ensuring they align with the folded edge and form precise 90-degree angles on each side.

Finally, tuck the folded square into your pocket, ensuring the folds face inward for a polished look.

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A set of three wool pocket squares for men in red, green and cream wool.

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A set of three mens pocket handkerchiefs for mens gifts UK, best man gifts UK and groomsmen gifts UK. The pocket squares are in brown and orange checks and are unique pocket squares for 2024. The set is gift wrapped and is ideal for instant gifts for men.
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A set of two mens pocket squares in brown and cream wool for mens gifts, unique groomsmen gifts, mens wedding attire and mens valentines gifts.

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