Every aspect of your wedding contributes uniquely to your special day. From the decor to the carefully selected colour palette, from the menu to the cherished members of your wedding party—the groomsmen, bridesmaids, ring bearer, and, of course, your adorable flower girl! While all the wedding planning details are important, there’s a special place in our hearts for these cute little ones as they walk down the aisle, bringing that undeniable “aww” factor and tying your bridal party together perfectly. While a flower girl effortlessly radiates cuteness, the flower girl dress plays a vital role in the overall wedding equation. Here, we’ll explore some lovely options to consider when selecting the perfect flower girl dress for your little one. But first, let’s discuss some key points to keep in mind when choosing a flower girl dress!

A group of flower girls wearing an ivory silk dress with a ruffle around the collar. The dress has a wide silk belt with an oversized bow

To see the enchanting Ruffle Ballerina flower girl dress, simply click here.

Growth Spurts

No need to fret about growth spurts! At Gilly Gray, all our dresses are handmade to measure, ensuring a perfect fit. We even make adjustments to accommodate growth, so you can rest assured your flower girl will look fabulous on the big day.

Ballerina style flower girl dress with a very full tulle skirt in ivory and white
To explore or purchase this adorable Gilly Gray ‘Ballerina’ dress, simply click here.

Consider Fabric:

The fabric plays a crucial role in setting the tone for your flower girl’s appearance and should align with the wedding’s formality, season, and durability requirements. We provide fabric swatches so you can match them to your wedding dress and ensure the right shade. Luxurious options like satin and silk are perfect for formal autumn or winter weddings, while lightweight materials such as tulle, chiffon, and cotton offer a charming, airy look ideal for spring or summer ceremonies. Regardless of the fabric choice, prioritise comfort to ensure your flower girl can move freely throughout the day without any wardrobe mishaps.

A white tulle flower girl dress for the princess at your wedding. Adorned with a silk pink flower on a lace sash ata wedding
A white tulle princess flower girl dress for the princess at your wedding. Adorned with a silk pink flower on a lace sash. To see/buy the ‘Duchess’, click here.

Choose Colours
While ivory or white are traditional choices for flower girl dresses, don’t hesitate to consider other colours and gown styles. At Gilly Gray, we make our dresses in both ivory and white, sage, pink, blue and champagne and a wide range of other silk colours, and you can view the silk swatches on our product listings. If you’re open to deviating from tradition, incorporating an accent colour from your wedding palette can complement the overall theme beautifully.

A silk champagne flower girl dress with sleeves and a bow.

To view/buy the ‘Helen’ dress, click here.

Lace Flower Girl Dresses

Lace gowns are a timeless and traditional choice often seen at weddings, both in ivory or white.
Opting for a dress adorned with lace on the bodice and matched with a tulle skirt can create a lovely and elegant look. At Gilly Gray, we make all of our dresses to order and so can make any changes you would like to the style. These outfits are suitable for various wedding themes, including traditional, contemporary, vintage, glamorous, boho, and classic styles. For your magnificent wedding celebration, consider the stunning ‘Honiton’ lace dress in ivory or white. This dress features intricate lace detailing, with eight or more layers of lovely tulle underneath for a voluminous and elegant look. The skirt can be made to any length from knee to floor making the sophisticated ‘Honiton’ dress perfect for a conventional and classic wedding. This sleeveless gown, crafted from lace and tulle, is ideal for a spring or summer wedding. This dress exudes elegance and is perfect for achieving a classic bridal look.

A white lace flower girl or first communion dress with a full sash

To explore or purchase the Honiton dress available in white or ivory lace, click here.

Floral Flower Girl Dresses

A floral dress boasts a simple yet charming shape and style, adorned with delightful florals that perfectly complement your wedding’s colours and theme. At Gilly Gray, we take pride in handcrafting all of our dresses to measure, ensuring a perfect fit for every flower girl. With a wide range of floral patterns available, we’re sure to have the perfect design to complement your wedding theme.

These flower girl dresses add a modern touch to any recent wedding ensemble. They are particularly well-suited for outdoor weddings, farm weddings, beach weddings, boho weddings, vintage weddings, and traditional ceremonies alike. Embrace the beauty of nature with our Flora and Fauna outfits, featuring a boho design crafted from 100% cotton—perfect for seaside or bohemian weddings. For a traditional touch, consider our Sweet Pea dress with soft floral tones in a wide range of patterns. ideal for your classic wedding celebration.

A photo of a 10 year old girl wearing a floral flower girl dress with capped sleeves

To explore or purchase the ‘Sweet Pea’ floral dress, click here.

Blue floral flower girl dress in cotton with an ivory floral headband

To view or purchase our floral dress, click here. Alternatively, you can email us with any queries or to request swatches of the floral fabrics.