A fabulous men's knitted tie in black with a crisp white handkerchief with a black trim.

As we step into the new year, a common question arises: “Are knitted ties still fashionable in 2024?” The resounding answer is yes. The enduring appeal of knit ties, coupled with their recent comeback in the fashion scene, positions them as a trendy and stylish choice for today’s modern man.

Black ties are a versatile and essential addition to any wardrobe. Paired with a crisp white pocket square, ours creates a foolproof and timeless set. Click here to check out our black knitted tie and white pocket square with a black trimmed edge.

Knitted ties are fantastic travel companions as they resist creasing, ensuring they always hang beautifully and keep you looking sharp. Check out our emerald knit tie paired with a white pocket handkerchief for instant wearability and perfect coordination.

A green men's knitted necktie and white handkerchief for men's gifts, groomsmen gifts and wedding attire. The set comes with gift wrapping and so is ideal for men's gifts.

Alternatively, consider our ‘Mulberry; red knitted tie, a fabulous choice that complements a variety of suit colors and never fails to catch the eye.

A red knitted mens tie and white pocket handkerchief gift set or wedding attire