How do I measure my child for a first communion dress or flower girl dress?

Measuring for a flower girl dress is easy.

When measuring, it is best to use a soft tape measure. If you only have a retractable measure, use a bit of string and measure this against the straight rule.
We work in both inches and centimetres so don't worry about converting from one to another.

To measure the chest: keep the arms at the side (not above the head) and don't ask them to breath out so that the chest is inflated. Measure just under the arms, all the way around the fullest part of the chest. Measurements should be taken close to the skin, but not so tight that they cannot breathe!

To measure the shoulder to waist: measure from the nape of the neck to about 2cm above the tummy button.

To measure the length:
Full Length: Measure from nape of neck to just above the ground.

Tea Length: Measure from nape of neck to ankle.

Please remember that if you are ordering a dress 3 to 6 months in advance please let us know the date of the event and we will add an additional amount for movement and growth. As a general rule most children grow between 5cm-10cm in height per year and between 1cm and 3cm around the chest and waist per year.